Christmas Tree Pickin’

New TraditionsThree years ago me and my family started a new tradition at Christmas time, instead of buying a pre-cut tree at our local grocery shop for €45, we go to a Christmas tree farm and walk around to find our perfect tree and then get it cut down and bring it home for €30.... Continue Reading →


Packing for a Winter Trip

Copenhagen is coming up soon! So I've put together a little guide on how to pack for a short winter city trip.  Below are the details for our trip and what to pack. Location: Copenhagen Type of trip: Winter city break Days: 4 Nights: 3  All of these should fit in your carry on bag!... Continue Reading →

Cozy knit blanket DIY

Winter is coming! I don't know one person who doesn't love a cozy blanket to snuggle up under when the weather is battering off your windows. So I know it sounds crazy but I started this blanket in July (yes we were amidst heatwave weather) I'm so at crafting because of work and college so... Continue Reading →

Fool proof budgeting

So you've just moved into a new home and have started to panic over how to save for the hours bills or maybe you struggled to meet last months rent. Well I have a fool proof way of making sure you don't ever need to worry about affording rent etc. again. The PlanSo what your... Continue Reading →

DIY Key Holder

It's only a few more weeks until we move into our first home together and since I'm saving every penny I make it's hard to keep myself busy on my days off without spending money. I've decided to craft a few bits and bobs to decorate our very first home together. All my crafts are... Continue Reading →

What to see in Zakopane

So we took a family ski trip to Zakopane this year, very rare for us. We spent four days in Zakopane and three in Krakow so I'm going to split our trip into two different posts. Here's our trip to Zakopane 🙂 The detailsAccommodation: Willa Orla Hotel Price of hotel: €125 (4 nights, double room)... Continue Reading →

The Tale of a Dragon

The dragon of Wawel Hill, Krakow, poland is a legend that has been around since the 12th century. The legend is so strong that there is a gigantic bronze statue of a fore breathing dragon set upon stone on Wawel Hill. You will also find behind the dragon a cave or den castle which is... Continue Reading →

Knitted moss stitch blanket

To pass the winter months I've taken up a bit of knitting like the granny I am! I got wool really cheap on Vibes and Scribes website and I think it arrived about two days after ordering it. I got 6/7 different shades of the same yarn. I'm going to do the moss stitch for... Continue Reading →

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